Granite Table Colours

Dining tables made from granite are more durable than those with a tabletop made from wood or glass.

Granite is commonly used for kitchen worktops because it is impervious to heat, extremely durable and easy to keep clean. These physical characteristics are also desirable for dining tables in homes and restaurants.

Granite is perfect for dining tables that need to stand up to daily use. The natural beauty of granite also adds a unique style to any dining room and/or outdoor area.

Bespoke Tables made for you.

Granite patio tables are a great way to add to your enjoyment of your home outdoor spaces.

Many of our customers have chosen granite for their outdoor area due to it being able to withstand all weather conditions with a little TLC.
Whether its for your summer BBQ area or a friendly get together, your granite table will be a stunning addition for the family to gather around.

We will help you design your table and advise you what size table is best for your requirements. So why not Get in Touch with our helpful team and get your patio area ready for Summer.